Westtown Christian Academy utilizes a High Reach Learning curriculum approach that does not seek out typical drill and practice with paper pencil activities in early childhood education.

It is an approach that creates relationships between peers, teachers and home to provide real life experiences for children to learn, discover, practice and question new concepts. It builds on the children’s background knowledge and provides scaffolding so that all children can both access the information and be able to represent new discoveries in his/her own learning style and format, which fits their needs.

The role of the teacher, as a model in the classroom, is one of promoting active and authentic learning opportunities. The teacher becomes a facilitator for children by asking open-ended questions and arranging the classroom and schedule to promote discovery. There is a strong focus on literacy and emergent reader skills while also integrating mathematical concepts into Big Ideas that are often science and social study based. Children become problem solvers while engaging in active play that enhances his/her physical, emotional, and cognitive development. It is a child-centered approach asking children to discover, for themselves, the world around them.

We are continuously seeking partnerships with families, professionals, and communities who share high expectations and the goal of becoming lifelong learners as we further our mission.